The Friendship Project is born out of a personal struggle with friendship. It aims to examine what  friendship is, how to be a friend, and  how to make new friends. It’s part research (looking at past friendships and patterns), part inspirational (seeking advice), and partly a way to force me to not be shy and meet new people. It’s a way to facilitate getting to know someone, hopefully finding some common ground, and continuing to build upon it. It also is serving as a personal letterpress project that explores color and to create a series of inspirational posters to surround myself with -- and share with you because maybe you're feeling the same way.

If you want to read a bit more about the project, check out my post here.


A. Fill out the form below (Ideally, I'd love to be able to connect with everyone in person but maybe that's not possible, maybe you're busy, maybe I'm busy, maybe we live a bazillion miles away.) 

B. Fill out this availability form if you would like to meet up in person and are in the Bay Area. I'll notify you when I have dates scheduled for interview. 

And thanks so much in advance, I appreciate your interest.

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Mailing Address (this will never be shared)
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